Come Around Swing Family is a group of friends and the glue that keeps us together is friendship and the love of swing dances, especially BALBOA. We dedicate as much time and energy as we can to learn, improve, finetune our dance and have as much fun as possible. Beside the regular classes, workshops, visiting festivals we organize common social events, support eachother, we operate like a real family.  Our mission is to spread this beautiful dance around us because we simply believe that this dance and its community makes life much-much better. 

Therefor we organize balboa events time to time. We started with a small workshop, then with a full day workshop and last year with a full weekend. Now we step one more again and organize the 2nd edition of the Come Around Balboa Weekend in a higher level.

We as organizers are doing it with much passion. We are aware that taking part on international festivals is not possible for every dancer therefore we are working extremly hard to be able to offer super prices but in the same time to provide you the highest experience and quality. We invited fantastic international teachers and bands, we prepared a super colourful program. If you know any of us you might think that this festival will be a unique one. And YOU ARE RIGHT! The program will be full of fun and love in a familiar atmosphere with some special happenings you may never experienced before...


To keep a healthy leader - follower balance it's best if you register with your partner, than you get your spot automatically. But your partner also have to be registered separately. If you don't have a partner, first try to find one :) If you can't find than we put you to the waiting list and make the pairing in the order of registration.

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Natasha & Olivier

Anna-Marie & Ralf


3 parties with 3 amazing bands

The band on friday: THE COQUETTE JAZZ BAND

This is the second time we work with these fantastic musicians.The Coquette Jazz Band is one of the best traditional jazz groups in Vienna. The members of the band are based in Austria, taking an important part of the local jazz scene. Even though they're young, they are highly committed to perform the music of the last century at the best possible level and to keep its elegancy alive.They've already performed on Europe's favourite stages, jazz clubs and festivals, like Jazzland – Vienna, Spirit de Milan – Italy, Jazz Capital Festival (HU), Royal Garden Jazz Club – Graz, International Dixie & Swing Festival – Fürstenfeld, Lamantin Jazz Festival (HU) or the New-Orleans Swing Festival (HU).

The band on Saturday: SZALÓKI CLASSIC JAZZ 

The band was founded in 2002 and is led by the well-known musician of the Hungarian jazz scene, Béla Szalóky, who plays several brass instruments and is a recognized expert and practitioner of the American jazz styles of the thirties and forties. His band is a regular performer at domestic and international festivals and concerts. They prefer to perform at swing dance events, where the dancers dance to the music that is so important and dear to the band's artists. The excellent musicians with the great singer, Eva Bolba present an unforgettable sound and performance.

The band on sunday: GYÁRFÁS ISTVÁN TRIO 

We had several great times and parties with these guys and they became members of our family. In the parties they play you can experience the combination of virtuous instrument play, smooth atmosphere and funny moments.The winner of more Hungarian awards for jazz musicians and for cultural activities, like "Szabó Gábor" and "Budapestért" awards, István Gyárfás is one of the best-known Hungarian jazz guitarists, who is constantly one of the winners of popularity votes of the music journal "jazzma.hu". Together with his more than 30 years old trio he has released six albums, featuring soloists, such as the world famous Csaba Deseő, Juli Fábián, Béla Szalóky, Gábor Winand or the american saxophonist, Big Red Ron.On their latest album the well-known Hungarian cartoon songs are played, with the title "Cartoon Jazz". The trio has performed recently at many Hungarian and international festivals with great success.Members of the band: István Gyárfás (guitar), Márton Soós (bass), Balázs Cseh (drum).


Classes in 3 levels of bal-swing, pure bal, slow bal. The schedule will be announced soon.

We believe that the most efficient for your learning is you take part in the class that fit's best to you skills. In case we observe that you are not in the right group we will kindly ask you to change the group.  

The language of the classes is english.



This is your level if you started to dance balboa minimum 1 year ago and You know the basics of pure-bal (uphold, downhold, some travelling steps, single time, double time, crab walks, come around,...), you know the basic bal-swing elements, throw outs, inside turns, lollies, swivels, out and in. You want to jump more deeply into balboa, increase your vocabulary and feel comfortable for faster tempo. 


This is your level if You have solid basics, in addition you make more variations, you are able to dance for faster tempos but want to improve your technique, musicality, you are looking for the flow of your dance and want to learn more complex variations. You enjoy parties, already took part on couple of workshops, maybe international festivals.

Advance + 

You are an experienced dancer, started to dance several years ago. You do several footwork and rythm variations, some fancy moves and dance as much as you can. You took part on several international festivals and balboa became your passion.


The event will take place in a fantastic venue  - Szent István Művelődési Ház ( St. Stephen Culture House ) - in the heart of our charming city in the historical city center. Classic, elegant design, big stage, good acoustic, plenty of space and the most important: super nice wooden floor. The beautiful city center is full with restaurants, coffee shops, confectionery.

Address: 1. Liszt Ferenc utca, 8000 Szekesfehervar, HUNGARY 


Our mission is to make the participation possible for every dancer therefore we are working hard to be able to offer super prices but in the same time you get the highest experience.and quality. If the travelling and accomodation still causes problems for you please contact us and we will try to find a bed in our community. Regarding travelling we can give some tips, looking for a free seat to join somebody.

Early bird FULL PASS:  120 EUR

You can pay in HUF too. In this case it is: 45.600 HUF.

Early bird registration is open till: 29.02.2024

FULL PASS (from 01.03.2024): 140 EUR

You can pay in HUF too. In this case it is: 53..200 HUF. 

Party Pass for the 3 parties: 60 EUR

You can pay in HUF too. In this case it is: 22.800 HUF. 

LUNCH packet: 20 EUR

We serve lunch on saturday and sunday on the backyard. The lunch packet includes both.

You can pay in HUF too. In this case it is: 7.600 HUF.  

T-shirt: 15 EUR

Available only with pre-order, it won't be possible to purchase on site. We can accept pre-order till 15.04.2024.

You can pay in HUF too. In this case it is: 5.700 HUF. 

AIRPORT transfer: 20 EUR/direction

We offer transfer from/to the airport of BUDAPEST - Liszt Ferenc Airport ( BUD ). The transfer takes 60 mins. Please send us your flight plan 15th of April the latest. We collect all the requests and optimize the transport which can be a private transfer or a bus. You may have to wait 1-2 hours for the bus after landing.


Szekesfehervar is a mid sized city with reach history, calm and safe lifestyle with a very good location: It's close  to BUDAPEST (60 km),  it's between lake Balaton and lake Velence, there are hills on the north and flat on the south. 

There are excellent connections to every direction.

By car: the fastest way from BUDAPEST is on the M7 highway takes 30-40 mins.

By train: trains are leaving in every 10-30 mins from/to Budapest.

By flight: BUDAPEST Liszt Ferenc Airport ( BUD ) is the nearest international airport. The transfer takes 60 mins. Please see our special offer at the prices.


In case of any question, request please contact us!

e-mail: comearound.swingfamily@gmail.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/comearound.swingfamily